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How to Make DIY Mason Jar Lights with Flowers Centerpieces

My husband loves buying in bulk. Although it’s true that we have a big family with four growing children to feed, I wouldn’t have ever thought we’d need to buy the world’s biggest jar of pickles. Good thing I’m crafty and saw its potential as a simple DIY mason jar light with flowers! I used it for my backyard patio table, but wouldn’t they make budget-friendly DIY wedding centerpieces?

Placing twinkle lights and faux hydrangeas into DIY wedding centerpieces

Easy DIY Mason Jar Lights

We love crafting with mason jars as they’re quite abundant in our home. From small votive candles and cute wedding favors, to pressed flower lanterns and dozens of mason jar crafts to sell, the crafting possibilities are endless!

My 14-year-old son especially loves to eat pickles. While I didn’t think we’d ever get through the huge jar my husband bought, they didn’t last too long. That glass jar was just too nice and large to recycle and instead I decided to repurpose it as a beautiful frosted jar centerpiece with lights and flowers.

For this simple idea I used just a few supplies including a glass jar, twinkle LED lights, and faux flowers. We used similar materials including the fairy lights to make these beautiful hanging mason jar lanterns. Instead of the string lights, however, you could use solar lights or a tea light at the bottom of the jar. 

In the end, the mason jar light centerpiece with faux hydrangeas became beautiful and elegant home decor. They would be the perfect addition for rustic weddings, dinner on the patio or any special occasions. They’re inexpensive, unique and an easy way to add a soft glow to a dining table. 

Continue reading below for the step-by-step tutorials on how to make the frosted glass centerpiece.

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Materials Needed to Make the Mason Jar Centerpieces

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Instructions for these Gorgeous Mason Jar Lights

Thoroughly wash out the jar and remove any labels.

Stretch elastic bands around the jar making sure that they are lying flat against the glass. Criss-cross some of the rubber bands over each other to create a “wrapped” design.

Following the instructions on the can, spray two light coats of the Frosting spray all over the outside of the jar. Let dry 15-20 minutes.

Carefully remove the elastic bands from the jar.

To assemble the centerpiece you’ll simply add the twinkle lights inside of the jar. Next, place in your faux florals. Since there’s a battery pack in the jar, fresh flowers aren’t advised for this particular craft.

Placing faux florals into a frosted glass jar lantern

And that’s it! A great way to upcycle some glass jars and add a little light to your summer night. The best part is that you can use a variety of different sized empty mason jars and even paints or lights in different colors for truly personalized mason jar decor.

Enjoy making these upcycled light jars as part of your own DIY summer wedding centerpieces or any special event! We even like how they look unlit making them a great anytime arrangement for your dining room table.

Frosted mason jar vase with blue silk hydrangeas on an outdoor patio table.

But the magic trully happens with the twinkle lights turned on 😀

An outdoor table at dusk, set with dishes and lit by an upcycled pickling jar lantern with twinkle lights

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial for DIY mason jar lights with flowers. If you’d like see similar simple DIY projects, be sure to explore our other upcycling ideas.

This project originally appeared on The Weathered Fox blog.

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Upcycled mason jar DIY wedding centerpieces

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Monday 1st of October 2018

Says the paint is for indoor use only. What do you recommend sealing it with to protect it from weather and dishwashers?

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