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Creative Small Business Ideas with xTool

As small business owners we’re always looking for new ways to grow and diversify our creative business. Over the past year, xTool has been a key part of our small business strategy. Today we’re happy to share the many ways that xTool has supported our small business journey. We’ll also talk about the types of trending products that you can make and sell with your xTool machine.

This post is sponsored by xTool. All opinions are our own.

What is xTool?

xTool is a rapidly growing brand launched in 2021 by the company Makeblock. The xTool brand consists of innovative desktop laser cutting and engraving machines. We’re fortunate to have had the opportunity to review three of their five machines so far:

  • The xTool M1 10W combination laser and blade cutting machine. This was the first machine we acquired which inspired us to open our Craft Habit Graphics shop where we sell SVG designs specifically for laser cutting. Our xTool M1 is my go-to laser cutting machine when I need a quick element cut out. For example, I cut out this adorable highland cow to create a cute farmhouse inspired sign, and sunflower-themed elements for this fall decor idea. This further supports our small business as I create such crafts for our blog, Facebook and YouTube, all of which we earn advertising revenue from.
  • Portable xTool F1 dual IR and diode laser. This power-house portable machine is designed to enable custom engraving wherever you may be. It’s ideal for crafters who sell their products at craft shows or shop owners who would like to offer on-site engraving services. We’ve used our xTool F1 to make acrylic earrings, keepsake slate coasters, and metal personalized dog tags to name a few.
  • Versatile and powerful 55W desktop xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter. This is the most recent machine we’ve added to our collection and it’s trully opened up so many possibilities for our small business. We’ve been able to create larger and more complex designs (such as our multi-layered shadow boxes), develop our new collection of Paint-By-Number kits, and engrave large stones which we sell locally through Facebook Marketplace. As we describe below, the xTool P2 is also the machine of choice for cutting acrylic and you can make trending products such as cake-toppers, keychains, nightlights and more!

Each of these machines are included in xTool’s Trade-Up Program described below. For further details and our full reviews of each of them, check out the following posts:

How We Use our xTool Machines for our Small Business

Since founding Sustain my Craft Habit over nine years ago we’ve learned so much about the importance of learning new skills and diversifying our product offerings. We’ve provided some examples above, but here is an overview of just some of the ways we’ve leveraged our xTool machines to support our business:

  • Digital products: We design and sell laser cutting files that people can use with their machines to craft all sorts of beautiful projects;
  • Physical products: In addition to cute decor and gifts made with our xTool machines, our most recent products are paint-by-number kits to expand our Creative Habit Craft box collection;
  • Branding: We can use our laser cutters to create unique business cards, engraved packaging and even small bonus “freebies” to include with orders we receive;
  • Online content creation: As bloggers we earn money through ads on our website and videos on our YouTube channel. As more and more people acquire xTool machines they look for tutorials and project inspiration online. Thus, if you like teaching and presenting information to others, there’s an opportunity to create online content which can earn money.

If you are new to your xTool machine, be sure to check out these fantastic laser engraving ideas for beginners.

How xTool Supports Small Business Owners

From the beginning of our journey with xTool we noted that they were highly commited to supporting their small business users. From flexible payment plans, a fantastic customer support program and a comprehensive small business handbook to name a few, xTool is trully invested in seeing their small business users (such as ourselves) succeed!

One of their best programs is their xTool Trade-Up through which you can easily upgrade your laser or vinyl cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, Brother) with discounts of up to $500 OFF a new laser machine. No returns are needed! When you first start laser crafting it can be difficult to anticipate exactly what you need. So having this Trade-Up program is fantastic, letting you upgrade your machines as your business need change and grow. Simply head here to learn more and email us at for our exclusive coupon codes for the xTool P2 or S120W.

Top-Selling Projects you can Make with your xTool Machine

The real power of having a laser cutting and engraving machine at home is the ability to personalize products. In addition to individualised gifts, personalized gifts for groups such as wedding parties or coworkers are very popular at the moment. Here are some creative ideas and top selling products we’ve seen:

These are just a few examples of some of the most popular types of products you can make and sell with your xTool machine! We’ve have a growing number of tutorials for how to use your xTool machine with all sorts of different materials incluing wood, metal, acrylic, stone and more.

Where to Sell your Laser Crafts

Unlike in the past where brick-and-mortar shops and craft fairs were the main places to sell handmade goods, there are so many more options now. Here are some of our favorites to explore:

  • open your own Etsy shop (we have four of them!)
  • build an online shop with a website such as Shopify
  • list your goods on Facebook Marketplace
  • look for buy and sell Facebook groups in your community
  • talk to local gift shops and florists to ask if they’ll stock your cricut creations
  • church bazaars and holiday craft fairs

We hope you’ve found this post helpful as you ponder or embark on a small business with the help of your xTool machine. We share more tips and ideas in our Laser Crafters Create Facebook group – be sure to join us there.

Happy laser crafting!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.