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60+ Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners to Try

When we started painting rocks a few years ago we didn’t realize how addictive it would be! Painting these adorable woodland animals rocks got us completely hooked. If you’re looking for a great craft to try, here are over 60 easy rock painting ideas to sustain your craft habit.

Collage of examples of easy rock painting ideas with with text overlay reading painted rocks for all skill levels.

Easy Painted Rocks for any Style

There are so many reasons that rock painting continues to be a popular craft:

  • it’s inexpensive and requires just a few supplies (learn how to make your own rock painting kit here);
  • the projects are small scale for a quick sense of completion and accomplishment;
  • each rock craft is a one-of-a-kind work of art;
  • rock painting can range from a simple design to a complex patterns making it a great time for the whole family;
  • you can use them in so many ways, from gifting, placing in the garden, creating magnets, as napkin weights, kindness rocks, photo holders, placing them in a fairy garden and more.

Below you’ll found over 60 of the best painted rocks tutorials we’ve found on the internet! And we’ll keep adding new easy rock painting ideas as we come across them. From animals, flowers, holidays and more we hope you find plenty of inspiration to get your rock painting on.

Our Favorite Rock Painting Supplies

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One of our favorite aspects of painting rocks is that you actually only need a few supplies. While you can always add embellishmments such as glitter and googly eyes, the basic rock painting supplies include:

Woodland Animals Painted Rocks

These adorable woodland animals are fun for kids of all ages. From foxes, ladybugs, birds and more, these fun ideas are perfect for your garden or indoor plant pots.

Fox Rocks
Ladybug Rocks
Spider Rocks
Bird Magnet Rocks
Woodland Animals

Ocean Animals

Ocean animal and fish rocks are so fun to play with, especially at the beach. These simple rock painting designs, including turtles, sharks and a narwhal are super cute and easy peasy to make.

Turtle painted rocks in a pile of sand.
Turtle Rocks
Rainbow narwhal painted on a rock and placed in the grass.
Narwhal Painted Rock
A rock painted in irridescent blue with a purple fish overlay
Fish Rock
Two shark painted rocks on the beach with the lake in behind.
Shark Rocks

Flower Rocks

We can’t get enough of colourful flower painted rocks, especially in the winter when everything is gray and brown outside. Using bright colors, these designs are a great way to channel those beautiful days of spring and summer!

Flower Rocks
Pastel Flower Rocks
Oval rocks painted white with a purple grape hyacinth flower design.
Grape Hyacinths Rocks
Purple, pink and yellow zinnia painted rocks on a white surface..
Colorful Flower Rocks
Rocks painted in shades of blue and organized in the shape of a flower with a yellow painted rock in the center.
Flower Rock Art
Small rocks stamped with purple flowers
Stamped Flower Rocks
Sunflower Rocks
Painted Daisy Rocks

Food Rocks

Who said you can’t play with food? These delicious rock ideas are so much fun. Display them on your table or throughout your garden for beautiful decor!

Garden Markers
Lemon and Lime Rocks
Pumpkin Rocks
Small rocks painted to look like strawberries in an green bowl.
Strawberry Rocks

Rainbow and Butterfly Rocks

Add a magical and happy touch to your garden with some rainbow and butterfly rock art ideas.

Watercolor Butterfly Rock
Rainbow Mandala Rock
Easy Rainbow Rock
Rainbow Photo Holder

Christmas and Winter Rocks

Christmas and winter in general provide so much inspiration for rock painting designs and ideas. From snowflakes, snowmen, Santa and more, these cute rock projects make great gift and decorating ideas.

Christmas Painted Rocks
Snowman Rock
Snowflake Rocks
Penguin Rocks
Christmas Lights
Melted Snowmen
Hand lettered Christmas Rocks
Retro Ornament Rocks

Rocks for Other Holidays

From Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and more, painting rocks is a creative way to celebrate and decorate!

Mandala Hearts
Shamrocks and Golden Nuggets
Valentine Rocks
Silly Monster Faces
Jack-o- Lantern Rocks
Easter Egg Rocks

Character Rocks

Pet cactus rocks? Yup! These stone painting designs, inspired by various characters are absolutely adorable.

Unicorn Rock
Jawa Rocks
Cactus Pet Rocks
Story Stones
Monsters Inc. Rocks
Toy Story Alien Rocks

Painted Rocks for Kids

This is one of the best parts about painting rocks – the kids can join in and make their own creations! Or make these easy ideas for them to play with.

Space Rocks
Alphabet Painted Rocks
Preschool Rocks
Travel Game Rocks
Kindness Rocks
Monster Rocks
Kindness Rocks
Marker Painted Rocks
Tic-Tac-Toe Rocks
Rock Paper Dolls
Pet Rocks

Inspirational Messages and Kindess Rocks

The kindness rocks project advocated for leaving happy rocks with positive messages for members of your community to find. These fun crafts are thoughtful and an easy way to put a smile on a stranger’s face!

Kindness Rocks
Christmas Painted Rocks

Art Painted Rocks

OK, so there is a bit of cheating in this group. From paint pouring, polka dots, tatoos, stickers and more, these beautiful rock craft ideas use all sort of different techniques.

Temporary Tattoo Rocks
Marbelized Rocks
Glittering Monogrammed rocks
Dot Painted Pebbles
Gold Leaf Rocks
Neon Rocks
Painting Pouring on Rocks
Stamped Rocks

We hope you enjoy this round-up of the best rock painting ideas on the internet! Painting rocks is a fun way to spend time and be creative.

Let us know if we’re missing any great rock painting ideas and tutorials you’ve found so we can add them to the collection!

Which ones would you paint first?

If you’re looking for more nature-related crafts check out these free printable adult coloring pages.

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Collage of easy rock painting ideas including painted rock flowers, animals, hearts and more.

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