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Make your Own Crafty Rock Painting Kit!

Ever since we painted our first rocks, we quickly discovered the many benefits of rock painting. It’s crafting with nature at it’s best: relieves stress, promotes relaxation, encourages creativity, and is ultimately a lot of fun. We want to share this craft with others so what better way than to give a DIY rock painting kit as a gift.

A basket filled with beach stones, paints and brushes as an example of a DIY rock painting kit


Take it from us, rock painting ROCKS (pun very much intended)!

We started painting on beach stones a couple of years ago and use them in our gardens, flower pots, as napkin weights, fridge magnets and more. For ideas and instructions on painting rocks check out our roundup of 60 painted rocks for all skill levels, or you can refer to our many rock painting posts here:

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Christmas Rock Painting Ideas * ShamROCKS * Painted Rock Pumpkins

This how-to really can’t get any easier than this: simply gather the supplies needed and package them together nicely in a cute little wicker or wooden basket. Wouldn’t this make an adorable and thoughtful gift giving idea?

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint alongside a basket filled with beach stones, paints and brushes

Supplies Needed to Make your Own Rock Painting Kit:

Disclosures: We have not received any compensation for this post. However, we have (and continue to) receive products from DecoArt

Top view of round beach stones and a variety of acrylic craft paints beside a basket on a white surface

Place and stack the rocks on one end of the basket.

Place the paints on the opposite end of the basket.

Insert the paint brushes.

Top down few of an assembled rock painting kit

To get fancy, add in one or two rock painting books for ideas and inspiration. Here are some of our favourites:

Hand letter a pretty gift tag and your rock painting kit is all ready to go!

Close up image of a chalkboard style tag with the words "for you" written on them

We hope you like this DIY rock painting kit idea. If you’re looking for other nature-inspired gift giving craft kit ideas, check out our list of craft kits for adults as well as needle felting kits for all skill levels. The kits include full supplies and instructions for anyone to jump right in and get their crafting on!

Have you ever tried rock painting?

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Collage of images for how to assemble your own rock painting kit

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Wednesday 19th of July 2023

That's.a very cool idea. My sister has to much time on her hands an this would give us something to do together. Thanks.

Stanley Fredrickson

Tuesday 28th of April 2020

hi back! i am an old man with nothing to do. saw your info. on the computer, and made me think i might be able to do some rock painting for family and friends. I was a painter with 53 men on my payroll, painting large buildings- NO homes. I guess I miss the action. PS i am retired. We have eleven great-great grand kids all under 5 yrs. old. what I need is some books on instructions before I can get started. can you help me? e-mail slamming3@comcast .net Stan Fredrickson Thank you all in advance

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.