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24 Cool Craft Ideas to Make this Weekend!

Have you ever just looked at something and thought ‘now, that’s a cool craft idea!”? Crafting as much as we do, we find ourselves often coming across the coolest DIY projects that make us stop our scroll! Things that have been repurposed or completely reimagined seem to peak our interest the most. So today, we’re sharing this round up of craft ideas that are utterly inspiring, creative and just plain cool.

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Simply Cool Crafts

Crafts made from Nature

Some of our favorite crafts are those that use materials found in nature; such as driftwood, stones, plants and flowers to create beautiful and thoughtful things. You’ll love the creativity with these cool crafts!

Pretty Pressed Flower Mason Jar Luminary
Pretty DIY mason jar luminaries made simply with pressed hydrangea blooms.
Check out this project
Make a Clock with Driftwood
Make a unique, one-of-a-kind, very rustic driftwood clock.
Check out this project
Moss Fairy Garden Wall
Use items from nature to create your own mini moss garden wall. A magical little place for any fairy to hang out!
Check out this project
Driftwood Mirror
Learn how you can make this round driftwood mirror. It’s elegant and simple to make.
Check out this project
Tropical Place Mat
Use Hosta flower stems (or scapes) to make biodegradable place mats and coasters.
Check out this project
cool craft place mat.

Cool Upcycled Crafts

Finding a new purpose for something old is one of the best reasons to craft! It’s true what they say, ‘one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure’.

Old Book Pages Rose Ball
Make a paper rose bouquet from old book pages. Makes a lovely centerpiece and inexpensive summer decor idea.
Check out this project
Upcycled Map Coasters
Use maps of your favorite places to make useful upcycled map coasters. What a great conversation started for your next get-together.
Check out this project
Repurposed Tire Rim Wind Chime
Use an old bicycle tire rim and old keys to make a one-of-a-kind wind chime for your garden.
Check out this project

Denim Feather Wall Decor
Upcycle your old denim jeans to make a boho-inspired feather wall hanging. This is even cool enough for a teen to make!
Check out this project
Cool craft feather wall decor.
Patina Key Necklace
This is a great tutorial showing you can age metal to make your own patina key necklace.
Check out this project
cool craft key necklace.
Two Tier Pin Cushion
If you love to sew this very handy two-tier pin cushion is made completely with repurposed items.
Check out this project
Cool craft pin cushion.
Soap Dispenser
Repurpose an old liquor bottle or any glass bottle into a cool soap dispenser.
Check out this project
Cool craft soap dispenser.

Faux Succulent Planter
This small succulent planter is created between a glass picture frame.
Check out this project
cool craft succulent planter.
Stiletto Ring Holder
How cool is this mixed media craft? It’s a ring holder made from stilettos!
Check out this project
Cool craft ring holder.
Cement Tealight Holder
Use the kids’ summer sand toys to create molds for a cement/concrete tealight holder.
Check out this project
Cool craft tea holder.
Colorful DIY Wine Cork Coasters
Put your wine corks to use with a set of colorful upcycled DIY wine cork coasters.
Check out this project
DIY Wine Cork Coasters

Useful and Practical Craft Ideas

Some of the most rewarding types of crafts are those things you make by hand that have a practical use for the home, such as a blanket, table or floor rug.

Fluffy Pom Pom Rug
Make as many pom poms as possible to put together your own fluffy pom pom rug.
Check out this project
Cool craft pom pom rug.
Adult Coloring Table
Turn an old table into a cool coloring table. It doesn’t have to be just for kids.
Check out this project
Chunky Knit Blanket
Always popular, arm knit a big and chunky blanket to add texture and warmth to any space in your home.
Check out this project
Farmhouse Style 3-Tiered Stand
A DIY 3-tiered stand is a versatile and useful piece of decor for any room. Plus it’s budget friendly to make one yourself!
Check out this project
Cool craft 3 tier stand.
Bulky Crochet Rug
Follow this step by step tutorial for making a squishy crochet rug in under an hour.
Check out this project
Cool craft crochet rug.

Plus more cool crafts to make!

The rest of these crafts don’t fall under any type of category other than just being really cool. We’re always amazed at the amount of creativity people have when making things!

Napkin Decoupage on Glass Jars
Upcycling glass jars into beautiful vases with a simple decoupage napkins craft.
Check out this project
Floral Wall Hanging
This cool floral wall hanging is the perfect mix of farmhouse and boho style.
Check out this project
Cool craft wall hanging.
DIY Potted Cactus Rock Garden
Learn how to make a clay pot garden full of cactus painted rocks! These DIY instructions show just how easy they are to make.
Check out this project

If you have a teen that loves to craft, check out this round up of cool crafts for teens and paper crafts for teens. And for more cool craft ideas from other like-minded crafters, join our Craft Habit Social crafting community on Facebook.

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